Canadian Hip Hop Dance Championships April, 2013

The Canadian hip hop dance championships are back.

East Coast event info:  April 20-21, 2013 at the Hotel Mortagne, 1228 Rue Nobel in Boucherville, Quebec. J4B5H1.

West Coast event info:  April 11-12, 2013 at the Michael J Fox Theatre, 7373 Macpherson Ave., Burnaby, British Columbia.

There will be national championships in the junior, varsity and adult divisions as well as the Mega Crew Division (13-40 crew members of all ages).
There is also an amateur division of 4-12 members, varsity and adult.

Junior is Ages 7-12, Varsity is for ages 13-17 and Adult is 18+.

Judging criteria (Nationals Rules) will be based on 50% Performance and 50% Skill with attention to these items:

Clothing style is up to the dance crew but no revealing clothing allowed and footwear must be clean, so shoes are mandatory (no bare feet).
Clothing too short or too tight will be scrutinized for age appropriateness.  Props are not allowed like chairs, canes, instruments.. Crews must have their music on 2 cds and the music has to be clean.  Maxium time limit is 2 min. and 15 sec.  Minimum time is 2 minutes for Varsity and Adult divisions.

Junior routines must be between 1 3/4 min. and 2 min. in length.  Timing starts with the first sound from the CD (even if the sound is a cue beep).  Routines will be judged on performance, originality, staging, spacing, formations and level changes.  Entertainment value/crowd appeal is also important (10% of score).   10% of score will also be awarded for  authentic presence/attire and another 10% will be showmanship and swag.

The skill half of the score is made up of Execution/controlled mobility and stabilization, synchronization, musicality and beat technique/syncopation.  10% of this half is also for difficulty level and another 10% for a variety of hip hop dance styles.  So in a routine, a minimum of 3 street dance styles must be performed to get the Variety points. Crews should include various street dance styles like:

  • Locking
  • Popping
  • Bboying/Bgirling (breaking)
  • Waacking
  • Punking
  • Vogueing
  • House Dance
  • Party Dances or Club Dances (popular or trendy dances)
  • Hip Hop Dance/Choreography (New Style)
  • Krumping
  • New Jack Swing
  • Stepping/Gumboots

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Just starting out?  Take the complete online hip hop dance course: Beginner Hip Hop Dance Course – Hip Hop Crusher, and be ready for the next competition.

See more info about the Canadian Hip  Hop Dance championships.

Good luck.


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