Finding Clean Hip Hop Dance Songs

Hip Hop Dance and MusicWithout the Vulgarity

Although hip hop music and dance has long been an increasingly popular genre among our youth, it has also long been criticized and scrutinized for including language and content that is both highly inappropriate for our youth, as well as a bad influence on our society as a whole. Things like violence, sexualisation, demoralization of women, and inappropriate language is almost a staple in many of the hip hop songs of today.

clean hip hop dance lessons quoteSo what does a parent do when they have a child interested in taking hip hop dance lessons, but don’t want their child exposed to this type of inappropriate language and content? Luckily, many dance studios are fully aware of the type of language that many hip hop songs encompass, and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that kids and youth are learning hip hop only using clean hip hop dance songs.

Online Dance Lessons

Conventional dance lessons have long been held in traditional settings, such as in a dance studio. However, online dance lessons are available, as they offer convenience and affordability in contrast to traditional dance lessons. Sites like have a beginner’s course for clean hip hop dance lessons online that not only teach teens and youth the proper hip hop dance steps, but they utilize only clean hip hop dance songs for the young generation to listen to and learn with.

As a parent, you can be sure that not only are the songs used on HipHopCrusher are clean, but the moves are also very appropriate for the younger crowd. At no point do instructors featured on these online lessons advocate nor teach inappropriate hip hop dance moves, making the site highly appropriate for kids and youth.  Two competitive teen dancers of youtube fame are the hosts who visit 10 of the top teachers/dancers to get different prospectives, tips and moves.  Kids can work their way through the levels of 70+ lessons, going at their own pace in their comfort of their homes or schools. This course is the most flexible course available, allowing kids to pick their warm ups, moves and combos as they build their dance skills and confidence.

Knowing that your children are learning a dance style that they love without the use of vulgar hip hop music and highly sexualized dance moves puts parents at ease. At, the goal is for kids and youth to learn and have fun, without exposing them to the negativity often portrayed by hip hop artists of today.  If you are looking for fantastic hip hop courses for your teens/kids, you will find what you are looking for at



Posted on February 7, 2013 at 4:45 am

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