Harlem Shake – From Schools to Parody – Filthy Frank Do the Harlem Shake Dance

The Harlem Shake is popping up in schools, at flash mobs and in parodies.  Harlem Shake is also a techno song by Baauer that has created a surge in dance videos that start with a masked person dancing alone in a group before a wild dance party breaks out.    So this is where the Harlem Shake is not the dance move but encourages hip hop dancing in the styles of Twerking, the Bernie, Improv and more.

So vlogger Filthy Frank uploaded a video that starts out with 4 latex suit people dancing.

Do The Harlem Shake DanceThis dance style is where you pop out the shoulder and move shoulder out at same time.  This was a popular dance move back in the 1980s and Cam’ron as well as P.Diddy talked about this dance step. But now it is coming back again, this time in costume.

You shake the upper body, so it makes for a great flash mob dance.

Some guys in Egypt just got arrested for doing this dance in their underwear. So if you are going to try this in Egypt, be sure to wear a full latex suit!

For getting this old school dance move down, you need to get the groove happening and you sway to the music and get the shoulder involved.  With shoulder and hips going, you do a double shake quickly. Once you get comfortable, add the hands to exaggerate the move even more.

You put your own style in it and get that latex suit on to make it your own.

You move your shoulder up and down and get faster and faster. You can make it your own style, so just learn the basics and then grove on.  Get the smooth shoulder moves happening with the Harlem Shake Dance.

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 8:01 pm

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