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If you or your child is interested in getting active, dance classes may be your answer. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner, dance classes are an excellent way to get healthy, meet new people, and learn a skill.

Creative Edge Dance is a new cutting edge dance studio located in Burlington, Ontario. With four huge studios named Believe, Imagine, Dream and Achieve, you can be sure you’ll learn to dance in a positive and inspiring environment. Creative Edge offers a variety of dance programs for those who want to learn or those who seek to compete. Here are the different styles of dance one can expect to find at Creative Edge:


Creative Movement

Creative movement classes are specifically for children aged 2.5 – 4 years. The program is designed to help your child develop the fundamental skill of rhythm. They can expect to learn a touch of ballet and jazz accompanied by fun music. To make the class more stimulating, props such as scarves, mats and hoops are used.


Ballet class teaches the art of the classical Ballet tradition. Ballet is a highly expressive and emotional form of dance that is both soft and demanding on the dancer. Classes vary from beginners to the more experienced, and with each level, new techniques are learned.

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Jazz dance is a high energy and expressive form of dance. Jazz dance is a unique technique that serves as a base for many other forms of dance. Dancers learn to combine step combinations with jazz technique to fast, upbeat music.


Tap is a traditional form of dance that really utilizes the feet.  This fun and energetic class builds skills of rhythm, timing and co-ordination. Children learn to make music with their feet and move to the beat.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are high energy and exciting classes that really get that cardio in check. The purpose is to teach dancers the fundamentals of rhythm and isolation. Dancers will learn techniques such as dance hall, pop and lock, break dancing, and jazz. Let loose and have fun with hip hop dance – great for all ages.


Acrobatics is for children who love dance and gymnastics. The two styles are united to offer a fun and uplifting experience of dancing and the technical aspect of acrobatics. Children can expect to learn the athletics of gymnastics and the artistry of jazz.


Lyrical dance is based on artistic interpretation and movement. This class is intended to help dancers understand how to portray emotion and expression through dance, and acting out the lyrics or meaning of a dance. Lyrical dance typically starts at age 11 and requires an understanding of jazz or ballet.

Whether you want to learn or compete, there are different program strains  at Creative Edge to help achieve your goals. Competitive programs are for those who seek to be fully trained in their choice of dance style and wish to become a part of the professional dance world. Students are required to take mandatory classes as well as participate in open sessions to serve as practice. They learn skills of time management, teamwork, and how to remain positive in a competitive environment. Recreational dance classes offer something different for everyone. Classes are for all ages, 2.5 years to adulthood. Classes are typically an hour long and help improve style and technique all year long.

Both you and your children can try something new together. Whether it is competitive or recreational, you can enjoy the fun of dance. Enroll in a dance class and you will be saying yes to a healthy lifestyle, a new social experience, and lifetime of confidence.  Visit their website at www.creativeedgedance.ca today for schedule information.

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