Hip Hop Dance Classes Alabama

Get hip hop dance lessons online at HipHopCrusher.com. If you live in Alabama, try a local studio to increase your skills once you have the basics down.

Dance studios are available in Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Northpoint, Birmingham and South Birmingham as well as other cities in Alabama.

Kelly School of Dance is located at 1932 Wise Drive Dothan, Alabama 36303.  Kelly offers Ballet, Tap and also Hip-Hop in a fusion of East Coast and West Coast hip-hop with pop-and-lock as well as street and old-skool styles.

hip hop dance classes Alabama

 Huntsville hip hop classes:

Heidi Knight dance school in Huntsville (since 2003) located at 111 Park Place Drive offers a combination of ballet, tap, acro, jazz and of course hip hop dance.  Kids can start out with Creative Movement as young as 2 years old.  Note: to take hip hop dance at Heidi Knight, you must also sign up for their jazz course.  Knowing a few different dance styles will help you become a stronger dancer.