Hip Hop Dance Classes New York

Take hip hop dance lessons in New York, where it all began.  One of the most famous dance studios in NYC is the BDC Broadway Dance Center. There is a children and teen program and high caliber instruction. Workshops are even available for absolute beginners.  If you are starting out with hip hop dance, try the beginner hip hop dance course at HipHopCrusher.com and then when in NYC, drop in for a New York hip hop dance class.

Executive Director Diane King and Associate Executive Director Reese Snow operate the facility of about 80 dance instructors.   If in NY, get your chance to learn dance on a Broadway stage.  Street styles dance faculty include many talented choreographers and dancers including Jermaine Browne, Ephrat Asherie, Luam, Christine Murray, Joanna Numata, Rhapsody and many more. Check the daily class schedule at the Broadway Dance Center.