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Start Dancing Hip Hop!

Does hip hop and R&B music get your body moving? Do you find yourself moving to the beat of a soulful and funky tune, getting you excited enough to want to get up and start dancing? Then perhaps you may have a passion for hip hop dance!

Learning how to dance to hip hop music has never been easier thanks to the innovation of online hip hop dance lessons. Of course, there’s always the conventional way of learning the steps to this hot type of dance genre, by attending a dance studio in person. But for those who may be intimidated by learning in front of others, or simply don’t have the means of getting themselves to dance lessons, online lessons may be the best thing yet.

Hip Hop Crusher is a beginning hip hop dance course that was designed for ages 9-19, but older or younger can learn too.  All of the moves and music are ‘clean’ – making it ideal for schools, camps, studios and more.  Join teen hosts Katrina and Sloane as they learn from 10 top hip hop teachers – ones that perform with big names like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and more.

Learn Hip Hop Dance at Your Own Pace and Convenience

Even if you’ve never taken a dance lesson in your life, you can do beginner lessons. Learning how to hip hop dance is simple and convenient with the use of online hip hop dance lessons. HipHopCrusher.com is a great place to start. This website has everything that a beginner needs to get started to learn all the basics and hot moves to dance at school, at talent shows or build confidence to join a studio and develop your skills more.

Hip Hop Crusher is a unique program because you are in charge!  Instead of following the same 1 hour DVD every time, you choose your warm up, then work through the levels and moves – doing as short or as long of a session as you want.  You get to try the moves you learn in combos, including a 20 minute master class once you have completed the 70+ lessons.

With online dance lessons, you’ll learn numerous things, such as:

  • Hip hop dance posture and balance
  • Hip hop style – gear and swag
  • Basic foot positioning as well as travelling moves
  • Hand, arm and head movements
  • Floor movements
  • How to adapt moves to any music
  • Classic and basic moves, such as popping, locking and breaking
  • How to make moves your own

As you can see, there are no short cuts just because you are taking hip hop dance lessons online rather than the traditional way. You’ll be learning everything you need to know to become an avid hip hop dancer!

With HipHopCrusher.com, you’ll have the advantage of learning from instructors who are world-renowned for their skills. Many of them have been seen on dance shows like So You Think Yo Can Dance, dance movies like Step Up, as well as many other venues. You’ll only have the best of the best teaching you all the classic and conventional hip hop dance moves! 

Log onto to HipHopCrusher.com today and get started with online hip hop dance lessons!  For less than the cost of one private lesson at a studio – you can have unlimited access to the beginner lessons at www.hiphopcrusher.com.

Posted on April 16, 2013 at 1:51 pm

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