Old School Hip Hop Dance – Where it All Began

Old School Hip Hop Dance

Before Chris Brown and Usher broke onto the hip hop scene with their innovative and athletic hip hop dance moves, the world of hip hop dance began on the humble street corners of urban cities. Amateur dancers showed off their breakthrough dance moves like breakdancing, popping and locking – entertaining all who took a few minutes to catch a glimpse of this innovative dance style.

The culture that originated on these street corners as a result of the dance style and music is absolutely monumental. Dance and music artists since then have old school hip hop to thank for providing the basis of what is known today to be one of the most popular and influential dance and music genres of our time.

In essence, old school hip hop dance encompasses the earliest recorded hip hop music, as well as the earliest forms of hip hop dance from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Some of the original hip hop artists included the likes of Run DMC, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Ice-T and Kurtis Blow. The music of this time was basically characterized by simpler beats and rapping techniques that eventually evolved over the years to what hip hop is like today.

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Certain controversial artists, like Grandmaster Flash, created rap beats and lyrics that began the move away from old school hip hop in the mid 80’s into what is known in the hip hop world today. Artists like these transformed rap and hip hop into a more conscious rap that has become extremely popular in our music and dance culture today.

Not unlike any other type of dance style and genre, hip hop has come a long way. Since its inception back in the late 1970’s, old school hip hop artists have developed technically complicated and innovative dance moves that truly require incredible athleticism and creativity. Although the basics of hip hop dance moves are still present and form the foundation of hip hop dance, the moves of today are truly ground-breaking.

Learning How to Hip Hop Dance – Starting With Old School Hip Hop Moves

Those who are interested in learning how to hip hop dance would be wise to start with the basics that were introduced back in the early days of hip hop. Moves like popping, locking and gliding were some of the earliest moves that are still present in the hip hop moves of today. Although a level of athleticism is necessary to truly master hip hop dance, anyone can learn by starting with the basics.

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