The Best Hip Hop Moves of the Past Two Decades

Best Hip Hop Dance Moves

Since the early 1980’s, after movies like “Beat Street” and others rocketed to fame and popularity, it is no wonder that hip hop has remained a dance genre that has been hugely popular among youth. There have been so many moves involved with hip hop over the years – from the classic “breaking” and “popping”, to more conventional body gliding moves. With such a wide variety of styles and moves associated with this hugely popular dance genre, it is no surprise that hip hop has taken the dance world by storm. You now see traditional dance studios offering hip hop and hip hop dancers on music videos, TV and in movies.

arm-wavemovePopular Dance Moves in Hip Hop

Considering all the moves that hip hop embraces, it’s tough to decide which are the best of the best. The following is a list of what many would consider to be some of the best hip hop dance moves:

Arm Wave
This move is one of the earliest and most popular hip hop dance moves. Basically, the dancer uses a variety of combinations of arm movements in order to achieve an illusion of the arm looking “worm-like” in its execution. The arm is moved in many directions – up, down, and sideways. This really is a great display of rhythm and groove!

The moonwalk is definitely considered to be one of the smoothest moves that any dancer can display. Made hugely popular by none other than Michael Jackson himself, the moonwalk has been copied by dance artists all over the world since its inception. This move really shows off one’s ability to create fluid movement throughout the entire move, and dazzle audiences.

Chest Pop
The “chest pop” dance move simply involves the dancer physically mimicking his or her own heart beat pulsating inside of the chest. It’s quite creative, and has been a staple in the hip hop library of dance moves over the years!

The Running Man
You simply cannot deny the fact that the “running man” dance move is one of the most influential hip hop dance moves in the past 2 decades. It was made wildly popular by hip hop artists like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.
With so many popular dance moves coming from hip hop, it’s no wonder why so many people want to get involved and start learning a thing or two about this genre of dance.

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