What is Hip Hop Dance?

Hip hop is a fun and exciting genre of dance that a growing number of children and youths are embracing today. This type of dance and music was born out of the streets of New York back in the late 1970’s, with dancers often competing against one another. DJ’s in that time created this unique type of music with heavy percussive beats, which eventually developed into music that rappers would build their lyrics around. It is through this type of music that dancers would develop the unique dance of hip hop to go along with the deep beats of the song.

Essentially, hip hop dance evolved from 1970’s hip hop culture. The music and dance that developed as a result of this rich urban culture eventually became one of the most popular genres of dance and music. Hip hop music and dance gained even more notoriety with the exposure given through radio and TV programs. Early shows like “Soul Train” and movies like “Beat Street” provided an even larger stage for hip hop to grow.

From these early days of hip hop, the moves and styles eventually became a part of professionally choreographed sets and dance studio lessons around the world. Students everywhere have been able to have the opportunity to learn hip hop from professional instructors with immense experience with this dance genre. Almost all music videos, popular music concerts and school parties feature hip hop dancing.

hip hop dance lessonLearn Hip Hop Dance!

If you like watching hip hop dance, and have developed an interest in this genre, there’s no better time than the present what is to pick up a few lessons and be a part of this funky hip hop culture that has been a mainstay in Hollywood and clubs across the world. If participating in a conventional dance studio setting seems intimidating for you, or expensive, then why not consider online hip hop dance lessons?

At websites like hiphopcrusher.com, you’ll gain access to many online video lessons put together and instructed by some of the top choreographers and hip hop dancers. You’ll be able to practice in your own home, without having to worry or feel intimidated by other dancing students around you. You can go at your own pace, and repeat a lesson if you feel the need. The best part is, the cost for such lessons is literally a fraction of the price of dance studio lessons!  The lessons are designed for beginners and are ‘clean’ moves and music, making them perfect for teens and kids.

Log on to www.hiphopcrusher.com today and discover the world of hip hop!

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