Hip Hop Crusher Online Dance Lessons

Learn to Hip Hop Dance - Step by Step - Beginner Hip Hop Dance Classes Online

Hip Hop Crusher is the ultimate online course to learn hip hop dance for teens (or anyone) starting out.

Unlike traditional instructional DVDs, Hip Hop Crusher puts you in charge – with a flexible format that lets you learn at your own pace.

Choose your warm up, lessons and combos from 10 top teachers who have worked with some of the biggest names in show business, including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and others.

Learn more about our hip hop dance instructors!

Join hosts Katrina and Sloane of Fit For a Feast, national level competitive dancers with over 45 million Youtube views, as they learn the moves. Learn more about our Crusher hosts!

Move up through the 5 levels of lessons, doing the combo at the end of each level to put it all together. Then try the levels on popping, locking and break dancing.

Once you have finished the 70+ lessons, you can try the 20 minute master class. Each individual lesson is designed so you can stop, rewind and review until you learn the move.

You can go on to new lessons or go back to do some favourites – dancing as short or as long of a session as you like – each time you log on. Learn more about this hip hop dance online course and what makes Crusher unique!

The music and moves are all ‘clean’, making this course perfect for teens and kids; schools; camps; youth organizations; dance studios and parents. More about hip hop dance for teens

This is the most complete beginner course, where you not only learn new moves and old school grooves, but tips for crushing the moves.

Learn how to improvise, adapt a move to any song and add your own style and swagger.

From tips on posture and balance to lessons on attitude and gear, you get a course that not only teaches you moves and combos – it teaches you how to dance hip hop! Learn more about beginning hip hop dance lessons!

Join now — you can buy the entire course now for less than the cost of one private lesson!

Still not convinced? See the free sample lesson on our Youtube channel.