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You have just landed on the premiere site for teens/tweens to learn hip hop!  For a fraction of the cost of studio lessons, or as a supplement, you can learn at home – anytime – at your own pace. 

Hip Hop Crusher Dance LessonsLearn beginning to intermediate hip hop with added lessons on hip hop posture, attitude, expression and dynamics.  Learn how to find your own style and put your moves to any song.  Create your own dance routines for class dances, auditions, proms, talent shows and more.  Build confidence and dance skills – we make it easy!  Private lessons with high caliber dance instructors can cost over $100/hr., but you get access to 10 different dance instructors in this step by step online hip hop dance course and access over 60 dance lesson videos for just $37!

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If you are a beginner, start with our complete beginner’s course.  For less than the cost of 1 private lesson, you get  60+ hip hop lessons –– with many basic new moves and old school grooves – plus warm ups and combos that put them together.  You are in control! Pick the teacher you want, lessons, warm ups and combos you want, and length of time you want to learn. 

Complete hip hop dance course for kids and teens
Our dance program is flexible – you set the pace and dance as long as you want to each day.  In addition to the lessons, you get bonus videos on hip hop style and gear, posture, attitude, balance, expression, and making your steps look more dynamic.  Plus – you get 4 bonus warm up routines!   Put the moves together in combos that you can adapt to your favourite music.  At the end of the course, do the 20 minute master class to learn a wicked combo!

Head and Shoulders hip hop dance moveLearn Hip Hop Dance Online

With most dance lesson DVDs, you only learn from one instructor.  With Hip Hop Crusher, you can learn from 10 of the best teachers in the industry.  Many are top performers appearing in movies, on TV and on stage with big name acts like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna; Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson, Shawn Desmond and others.  Don’t limit your learning to the style and technique from one instructor – we make it possible for you to learn from many incredible talents – each with their own tricks and tips for the up and coming dancer.

Dance Moves and Combos

oldskoolstepThere are combos where you can try your new moves to perfect your skills, learn transitions and pacing.  We offer the most flexible online course – do 20 minutes or 2 hours – it is up to you.  Individual lessons make it easy to pause, rewind and learn one move before moving on to the next one.  You can learn basics, old school moves and the newest steps.  The lessons are easy to follow with camera angles from the front, side and back, as well as close ups of the footwork.  Start with the basics, then progress through 5 levels.  Once you are done, you can try the bonus intermediate lessons and the master class.

Learn along with Katrina and Sloane, competitive dancers and hosts of Fit For a Feast – a website and youtube channel with over 40 million views!  Our site, music and lessons are all made with the teen/tween in mind and are parent approved.  These lessons are a cost effective way to offer top teachers and lessons at one low price – less than the cost of one private lesson!  This course is also perfect for schools, dance studios, recreational programs, after school programs and camps.
So join Hip Hop Crusher today and you could be crushing the moves tonight!  
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Hip hop crusher online dance course for beginners who want to learn breaking and other performing dance styles to show off their developed talent.