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A Few Words About Hip Hop Crusher

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Hip Hop Crusher puts the best hip hop instruction together in a powerhouse online course especially for beginners.


Hip Hop Crusher is part of the Dance Crusher online dance lessons.  Hip Hop Crusher is not affiliated with any one studio – we look to bring the best teachers and lessons into one comprehensive program.  The lessons are mainly intended for tweens/teens and are age appropriate and suitable for families, schools and other organizations.

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Most videos include the hosts, Katrina and Sloane, competitive dancers and hosts of Fit for a Feast – a website and Youtube channel with over 40 million views, as well as other teens learning on the spot – just like you. Lessons are easy to follow with different camera viewpoints and close ups of the feet to help you get the footwork straight. 

 Learn from some of the best dance teachers available in full HD quality lessons.  Our teachers have worked with the best in the business including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Luther Brown, Michael Buble, Selena Gomez, Ke$ha,Blake Mcgrath, Tre Armtrong, Victoria Duffield, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Shawn Desman, Bruno Mars, Jully Black, Sean Paul, Keisha Chante, Mia Martina, Eva Avila, Hillary Duff, Akon, Dru, Ashley Tisdale, Massari, Kardinal Offishall, George Nozuka, Lady Sovereign, K-Os, Kreesha Turner, Danny Fernandes, Snoop Dogg, Drake and others.

Our teachers have appeared on shows and movies including So You Think You Can Dance, Hellcats, Camp Rock , Much Music Video Awards, Juno Awards, Kickin It Old School, Get Up and Dance, White Chicks, This Means War, as well as many live performances, commercials and more.  They have all studied with top choreographers and studios, won countless awards and trained/performed all over the world.

Meet Hip Hop Crusher HostsWith Hip Hop Crusher, you get access to incredible instructors, each with their own style, viewpoint and tips to make you a better dancer. 

Why learn from one instructor when you can learn from 10 top teachers for less than the price of one private lesson?    Hip Hop Crusher is unique because you are in control.

Choose your warm up. level of lessons and combos, and do the tutorials at your own pace – whenever and as often as you want!  Make the lesson the length of time you want – whether you have 10 minutes or 4+ hours.  This is the most comprehensive and updated hip hop course available online.  Beginners can start the basics, then learn levels 1-5, then try a master class and some intermediate moves.

Join us know for the revolution in dance lessons – whether you are already part of a dance studio, or have always wanted to learn on your own, hip hop crusher makes it possible and affordable.   Build confidence to join a studio, do performances, find your own style and choreograph your own combos.  We don’t just show you moves – we show you how to dance!

Parental note:  all of the moves, language and songs are ‘clean’

What We Offer

The very best hip hop dance lessons online by professional instructors, choreographers and experienced dancers who work in the industry.

Danny Lesson

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get the best online hip hop instruction by experienced teachers and dancers
  • See the moves from different angles and close up
  • Choose the warm ups, moves and combos you want to do each time
  • Make the lesson as short or long as you want
  • Learn basics and fundamentals to help you build your own style
  • Express yourself through dance
  • It’s fun and great exercise too!

 Try the Hip Hop Crusher Beginner Hip Hop Dance Course and start dancing today!

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“We always love all the hip hop combo’s!!! The way you guys dance r just so cool! “

Jessica, Australia

“My sister and I love u guys! U’ve helped us so.much! “

Tobias, United States

“Love the videos and dancing!! ”  

Melissa, New Zealand

“You inspired me to dance and you are my idols!”

Irene , Spain

Get access to this amazing and powerful hip hop dance course with over 30 modules, plus get free intro lessons to check it out.  Just register (name and email) at HipHopCrusher.com, America’s Best Online Hip Hop Dance Course.

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