Beginning Hip Hop

This is the ultimate hip hop beginner course for teens and tweens.  Don’t just learn from one teacher – learn from some of the best teachers and performers in the business!  Start with the bonus basics – learn all about hip hop posture, gear, attitudes, balance and more.  Learn how to make your moves more dynamic, put in your own style and add expression.  Learn basic grooves and how to put the moves to your favorite music.  You don’t just learn a few moves – you learn how to dance!

 Learn hip hop basics any time at your own pace.  Start with learning basic new and old school moves, then move up to the combos.  Lessons are easy to follow with added instruction from different angles – to make lessons easy to follow.  View close ups of the feet to get the footwork straight.  Unlike dance DVDs, you control the length of the session, which moves you want to learn each day, and can easily pause or repeat a lesson before you move on to the next one.

Learn how to adapt combos and moves to fit any song.    Our instructors are some of the top teachers and performers in the business – each with their own unique style, tips and tricks.  Don’t just learn from one teacher – get the benefits of learning from 10 different pros in the industry, all in the comfort of your own home.  Our instructors perform with some of the biggest names in the music business including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson and others.  Learn more about our dance teachers.

Our programs are designed for tweens, teens and schools – with clean music and moves.  Whether you currently take lessons or if you want to learn on your own time at home, Hip Hop Crusher provides the edge you need to kick it at dances, talent shows and everywhere.  Learn style and improvisation, attitude and expression.  Sign up now and start learning today!

What you will learn:  (Beginner Hip Hop Course)

    • Hip hop posture
    • Hip hop style – conversational and attitude
    • Hip hop gear
    • Basic foot positions
    • Head, arm and hand movement
    • Basic travelling moves
    • Basic floor moves
    • Learn classic and new hip hop moves including jacks, cobra, coffee grinder, top rocking, Spongebob, baby freeze, Michael Jackson moves and more
    • Learn popping and locking
    • Learn breakdancing b-boy (and b-girl) basics

Baby Freeze Hip Hop Dance MoveWhy Hip Hop Crusher?

  • Progress through over 60 lessons at your own pace. Learn the basics for a foundation to build on
  • Choose from 4 different warm ups to keep it fresh
  • Learn combos that put your moves together
  • Discover ways to make the steps look more dynamic
  • Learn to improvise
  • Develop your own style and swagger
  • Use steps and combos and adapt them to any song
  • Learn to put moves together with music
  • See every move step by step
  • View close ups of footwork.
  • View moves from different angles to make learning easy
  • Graduate with our master class combo (over 20 minutes of instruction)

Sign up now to get a free lesson with no further obligation.  Our course comes with a money back guarantee.  Don’t just learn a couple of moves or one set routine to one song like most DVD tutorials.  Learn how to make the moves your own!


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“We always love all the hip hop combo’s!!! The way you guys dance r just so cool! “

Jessica, Australia

“My sister and I love u guys! U’ve helped us so.much! “

Tobias, United States

“Love the videos and dancing!! ”  

Melissa, New Zealand

“You inspired me to dance and you are my idols!”

Irene , Spain

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