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Welcome to Hip Hop Crusher.  The only online hip hop dance course designed especially for teens and tweens.

Why is Hip Hop Crusher so different?  All of the music and moves we use are ‘clean’ but cool.

The course is beginning hip hop – anyone can learn, even if they have never taken a lesson or danced hip hop before.

HHC offers easy to follow lessons with close ups on the feet, back and side views.

The lessons can be as short or long as you wish – simply by combining your choice of moves and combos.

Pick from the warm ups, hip hop, house, popping, locking or break dancing moves.  Try the combos where moves are put to music.  Learn more about attitude, style, dynamics, balance and other basics.

For less than the cost of one live lesson, kids can access the beginning course as often as they want – learning over 60 moves and combos.

Lessons are taught by 10 of the top dancers and choreographers in the business – having appeared in film, tv and stage with big stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg and others.

Crusher is not meant to replace live dance teachers.  It is a great way for novice dancers to learn the basics and build confidence.  It is an engaging and inexpensive way for teachers to bring dance into their curriculum.  It is a way for those looking to learn hip hop to supplement their training with extra lessons and tips from top teachers.  It is also a great form of exercise and a lot of fun

The moves are easily explained and fun to do – making it a perfect course for schools, camps and organizations trying to fill a dance curriculum requirement.

Why not get Hip Hop Crusher for your school/organization/studio today and motivate and inspire your kids to succeed at hip hop dancing.

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“We always love all the hip hop combo’s!!! The way you guys dance r just so cool! “

Jessica, Australia

“My sister and I love u guys! U’ve helped us so.much! “

Tobias, United States

“Love the videos and dancing!! ”  

Melissa, New Zealand

“You inspired me to dance and you are my idols!”

Irene , Spain

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