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Katrina and Sloane Hosts of Hip Hop Crusher Online Dance CourseKatrina Pacher and Sloane Wilson are the hosts for Dance Crusher.  They are also the hosts of Fit For A Feast – a website and Youtube channel with over 42 million views!  They started the channel in July 2009, to inspire other kids to get fit and eat right.  See all of the Hip Hop Crusher instructors here.

Both girls are competitive dancers, having started dance at age 3, competitive dance at age 5.  Both have performed and competed in the United States and Canada, winning multiple awards and recognition.  Their goal is to share their knowledge and access to top teachers with other teens & tweens around the world.

Katrina hosts Hip Hop Crusher
Katrina has a background in gymnastics, particularly tumbling and rhythmic gymnastics.  She is best known for her acrobatic moves and extreme flexibility.  Sloane is best known for her mad tapping skills, musical theatre and character roles.  Both girls love hip hop dance and believe that having the right teachers makes all the difference.

Sloane hosts Hip Hop Crusher
Knowing that many of their fans and others worldwide have no access to top teachers, they were instrumental in developing a program specifically for kids and teens.  Through fan mail and requests, they have learned that many kids are embarrassed to go to classes or studios, or they have no access to hip hop classes where they live.  Parents and educators have also complained of a lack of hip hop dance instruction that is fun for kids, but without degrading or course language and moves.

This course is deigned to be

  • Manageable – it is made for beginners, with extra camera angle from the back, sides as well as close ups of the feet
  • Flexible – you get to pick the warm ups, moves and combos you want to learn each time
  • Clean– there are no explicit lyrics or moves
  • Inspiring – learn moves and combos as well as dynamics; balance, how to adapt moves to other songs; how to develop your own style and swag, and more on how to dance

This is the most complete beginning hip hop course – available for less than the cost of one private lesson.  Look for Katrina & Sloane in upcoming dance crusher courses.

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“We always love all the hip hop combo’s!!! The way you guys dance r just so cool! “

Jessica, Australia

“My sister and I love u guys! U’ve helped us so.much! “

Tobias, United States

“Love the videos and dancing!! ”  

Melissa, New Zealand

“You inspired me to dance and you are my idols!”

Irene , Spain

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