Hip Hop Dance Membership

From basic to some intermediate lessons, get the all-access pass to the Beginner Hip Hop Crusher dance course with over 70 online videos: Hip Hop Crusher Beginner Hip Hop Dance Course

Learn hip hop dance as often as you like – whenever you want.  One low, affordable price gets you unlimited access to the lessons, with new content being added every 10 days.  Learn some old school hip hop and the basics, as well as the coolest new moves being performed on stage, in videos and in clubs. 

Intermediate dance course for hip hop dancingLearn dance steps for stage performances, school talent shows, dances or just to have fun.   Our lessons are geared for teens – tweens, but any age can try them out.

This is the most comprehensive hip hop  course available online and no monthly fees or membership dues are required. Just one low price to access all!


Try hip hop dance movesFor the cost of one live class, you can have unlimited access to all the lessons and teachers. Learn at your own pace.  Pick your warm up, learn some new moves then try them out in combos.  Make your workout 10 minutes or 90 minutes- you decide each time you log on. 

Unlike a DVD course, you can make every workout new and fresh since you are in control.  Learn some new moves or perfect the ones you have tried before.  You are in charge with our video selection menu.   You pick your warm up, pick the moves you want to learn, and pick your combos or drills.  Learn any time at your own pace with your favorite teachers.

Don’t just do the moves – crush them like the pros!  For less than the cost of 1 lesson, you can do unlimited lessons all month, and keep improving and learning new moves month after month. Supplement your current dance instruction or use this course as your main source.   Sign up now for thousands of dollars worth of lessons for one low price!


Intermediate hip hop dance lessonsWhat you will learn:

  • Choose your warm up – mix them up each week
  • Conditioning and warm up moves to help with skills
  • Current moves with some background and ‘old school’ classic moves
  • Learn individual moves then learn combos
  • Discover ways to make the steps look more dynamic
  • Learn to improvise
  • Use steps and combos then learn to adapt them to any song
  • Learn basic combos to more difficult combos
  • Make your workout/ lesson as long as you want it – combine individual elements and lessons so each experience is unique
  • Moves and combos are broken down into individual lessons so you can pick and choose what you learn each day.  Review the ones you enjoy or the ones you have difficulty with. Pick and choose – you don’t have to do the same long routine each time like most dance DVDs.
  • View moves from different angles. 
  • View close ups of footwork.
  • Easy break down of the steps
  • Tips on drills and warm ups
  • Learn from top teachers.  Each one has unique style and tips you can learn from.
  • Step by step breakdown of moves and combos from easy intermediate into advanced levels.

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