Hip Hop Dance Styles

Hip Hop Dance StylesHip Hop and Its Many Styles

Hip hop has been around for years, but it seems that in recent times it has been hitting the entertainment scene with great force. Now more than ever is hip hop seen as one of the most influential styles of dance of our time!

Hip hop began on the humble street corners of urban centres as street dancers showed their moves to passersby who marvelled at their talents. Their original dance moves captivated all who took the few minutes to watch their routine. Rather than being developed by professional choreographers, hip hop was born from those who simply love a good beat and love to move to it.

From those early days of hip hop, we are now seeing so many different variations of moves with this dance genre. Some of the different hip hop dance styles and more popular moves include the following:


Dancers basically improvise and rely on the beat of the music, melody, rhythm and other factors attributed to the music that affect the way they move and their ultimate routine.  It helps if you have an arsenal of dance moves to pull out when you try freestyle.


This is a type of hip hop move that involves dancers locking into a specific position before moving on, rather than having a flowing motion from one dance step to the next.


This is a very popular hip hop dance style that incorporates quick, jerky and strong movements that involve the fast contraction and relaxation of the muscles while dancing. Most often, these moves are done with either the neck, chest, arms or legs, or a combination of these.


One of the earliest of the many different hip hop dance styles is breaking, which began on the street corners of New York City. This rather physically demanding dance style requires a considerable amount of athleticism and coordination, and is generally performed by more advanced hip hop dancers. Some of the stunts performed during breaking are incredible to watch, and often leave people wondering how the moves were done at all! The strength, agility, flexibility and grace involved in breaking is truly remarkable.

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