Hip Hop Music

All of the music provided in the Beginner Hip Hop Dance Course is by up and coming hip hop artists. The music used in Hip Hop Crusher is clean – with no explicit lyrics.  These songs are available on Itunes so that you can practice at home or dance to your own favourite hip hop songs.  Add on your own choreography and make it original!

We  also encourage you to take the moves you learn and try them to other music, changing the tempo. Try combining the moves and combos that you learn to make your own choreography for talent shows, class dances, parties and more.

Songs or song sections from the Album The New Alumni – Class of 2011 include:

  • I Like to Party (feat. Ceez)
  • Electric (feat. Prez and Nessacar)
  • Hip Hop Exercise (feat. Blake)
  • Deep Involved (feat. Prez and Nes)
  • Extra Terrestrial (feat. Nessacary)
  • Rad Different (feat. Chad Markus)
  • No More (feat. Troyman and Ceez)
  • Hip Hop Soul (feat. Chad Markus)
  • Ballin’ (Uh-Huh)
  • Mind Over Matter (feat. Prez)
  • What You Livin’ For (feat. Purpos)
  • The Cypher (feat. DMC)
  • Change the World (feat. Dezyne)