Welcome and Instructions

How to Get the Most Out of the Hip Hop Crusher Beginner Course

Welcome to Hip Hop Crusher.  You can now learn moves and combos from some of our favorite teachers and great dance performers.   Instead of learning the same moves in a dvd sequence from one teacher, you can learn from 10 top choreographers.


-Make sure you are wearing loose, comfortable clothing.  Pick a spot where you have room to dance as you follow along – making sure there is nothing on the floor or carpet to trip you up.  Check out our video on hip hop gear for more about what to wear.

-Before every session, start with a warm up.  There are 4 to choose from – so you can decide which one you want each time you log on.

-The first time you are doing the course, start with the basics so you know more about hip hop dancing.  Many beginning courses assume you already know how to dance.  We give you tips on everything from attitude to gear – so you can dance with confidence at school, when joining a studio or just for fun.

-Once you have covered all the basics, you are ready to start the lessons.  Begin with Level 1.  Do all of the moves in this level BEFORE you try the combo at the end. 

-Each move is in its own lesson.  So you can pause, rewind, replay  as much as you want until you feel like you have it.  Once you’ve got it, you can try it at a faster pace.  Then move on to the next one. Practice in front of a mirror if you can – so you can ‘clean’ the move, work on style and make sure you are bringing your head, arms and expression into it.

-Once you know the combo, you can try doing it to your favorite songs.  Just change the tempo to fit and have fun working it.

-Once you have finished level 1, go on to level 2, then 3, 4, and up to level 5.  If you feel you need to review or practice a move, you can always go back to any level.  You can also do this just for fun – to do your favorite moves again!

-After you have finished all the levels, try a couple of intermediate moves and the master class. 

Note that it may take some time for a video to completely load depending on your internet connection speed. Once the video has completely loaded onto your computer, you will be able to skip to different parts of the video as needed, and it will play smoother from start to finish.

Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours, you can build your own lesson with all of the different combinations.

Start by learning the Basics .
Warm Up before every lesson.
Choose a Level and have fun dancing!