Why Hip Hop Crusher

Hip hop dance move Kick Ball ChangeWhat makes this program so  different?

  • It is made for teens / tweens
  • All the moves & music are clean
  • You learn from 10 top teachers – not 1
  • You get to pick your warm up and moves each time
  • You can spend as much time as you want or just do a quick lesson
  • View angles from the front as well as side, back or close up views
  • Learn real basics –from gear to adding swag and dynamics
  • Learn new and old school moves from hip hop, house, popping, locking and breaking
  • See how to put moves to any music and song
  • Try combos that put the moves you learned together to music
  • Try a master class once you have completed all the lessons

Why just learn moves when you can learn to crush them!  For less than the cost of a private lesson, get unlimited access to over 60 lessons with bonus warm ups, combos and a master class.  Learn at your own pace, anywhere and anytime! Sign up now!


Is it an online streaming video or a downloadable file?
The course is accessed by online streaming so you can view any of the videos from any computer connected to the internet at any time.  The videos were designed to load fast even on slower connections, but a high speed connection is preferred.

Is the membership fee a monthly recurring expense or a one time cost?
You get access to all of the videos for a one time payment with access to all of the videos including warmups, lessons and a master class to put all of the moves together.

For how long do we have access to the videos once i pay the price mentioned?
You have access to the videos for at least 2 years from the date of purchase. They can be viewed as often as you like, but please don’t share your login information with anyone and keep your account access information secure.

Typically how long does it take for a real beginner to learn hip hop? I have never learnt any dance and have never danced anywhere. So how long it might take for me to get up to speed.

The advantage of this step by step beginner hip hop dance course is that you are trained by 10 instructors and take the lessons along with dancers Katrina and Sloane of Fitforafeast.  You can focus on important moves to get a great basic understanding of hip hop dance from which you can build upon.  The only way to learn dance is to actually practice it and if you follow along with all of the lessons in this course you will be getting better and more confident in your dance each day.   Since we all learn at at a different pace, some students may go through the course in a couple of weeks while others will take time to learn each step right before moving on to the next one and may take a few months.  You can go at your own pace and improve day by day.   Your dancing will improve and your physical conditioning will improve at the same time!

For complete details and to register, please https://www.hiphopcrusher.com/wp/beginner-hip-hop-dance-course-registration

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“We always love all the hip hop combo’s!!! The way you guys dance r just so cool! “

Jessica, Australia

“My sister and I love u guys! U’ve helped us so.much! “

Tobias, United States

“Love the videos and dancing!! ”  

Melissa, New Zealand

“You inspired me to dance and you are my idols!”

Irene , Spain

Get access to this amazing and powerful hip hop dance course with over 30 modules, plus get free intro lessons to check it out.  Just register (name and email) at HipHopCrusher.com, America’s Best Online Hip Hop Dance Course.

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